Tomorrow's Leaders Programme

The Brightwater Tomorrow's Leaders Programme was designed and delivered for emerging leadership talent – to prepare them for their ‘boss’s boss’s job’. The participants had either trades or engineering qualifications and were either leaders of front-line teams or were engaged in project delivery.

The programme provided ideas, tools and methods to step out 20 identified Brightwater behaviours from their competencies framework, and to improve participant contribution to 11 desired business outcomes.


The programme consisted of: 

At the Closing event, participants took part in a Q&A event where they described their new knowledge and provided examples of the changes they had made, to an audience comprised of their line managers, CEO and Board Chair.

Supplementary support was provided to line managers to assist them to more effectively coach their participants.



The following are some of the quantitative and qualitative results from Kirkpatrick evaluation undertaken through the programme:

Level 1 - Reaction: Participants reported an average score of 89% as the degree of engagement across the programme.

Level 2 - Learning: Participants reported an average score of 84% as the degree of learning achieved across the programme with 78% confidence to apply their new learning and 86% commitment to apply.

Level 3 - Behaviour: Line managers reported 42 observations of application of new learning back at work and 125 observations of changed behaviours. Descriptions of behaviour change included:

Level 4 - Results: Line managers reported 111 observed improvements to the 11 identified business outcomes from the programme.

Managing Performance

The one-day Managing Performance workshop that was delivered as part of the Tomorrow's Leaders Programme was also delivered by Linzi Ebbage-Thomas for Brightwater's management team.

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