We want your participants to gain maximum benefit by learning about new tools and methods and applying them back at work.

That can't be done by simply attending a workshop. We use our PEAR approach when delivering workshops in order to ensure the best outcomes for participants and ultimately for your organisation.

Preparatory work:
Prior to the workshop, participants complete a small task to start the learning process and to prepare them for the workshop.

Experiential learning:
One of our specialist facilitators will deliver an experiential workshop for your participants, which will expose them to new tools and methods to be applied at work. The workshop is supplemented by a workshop manual for future reference.

Application support:
Participants use our Workplace Application Tool during the workshop to PLAN for the application of new learning at work. They then complete the application cycle back at work by SHARING and IMPLEMENTING their plan, then REFLECTING about what happened. 

Alternately, they may collaborate in process/project groups in the workshop and back at work using our Action Learning Tool to mutually support their individual application of learning.

Our facilitators engage by group video conference with course participants about 2 weeks after the workshop to check in on application progress, and share issues and successes to support and encourage application efforts.

Application effort and success may also be assisted by line manager or or external coaching support.

Participants complete an end-of-workshop evaluation as to their level of satisfaction and their commitment to apply what they've learned, with summarised results reported to you. They also complete an on-line review a few weeks after the workshop as an opportunity for reflection, to evaluate individual learning and its application at work, and to support your evaluation of value, with results reported to you.

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