ODI has committed to the Kirkpatrick way as a core philosophy and tool for all our training and consulting solutions, and we have evidence that it adds significant value to those solutions.

The Kirkpatrick Evaluation Methodology was first crafted in the 1950s by the late Dr Donald Kirkpatrick; he coined what is now known as the Kirkpatrick Model as the basis for showing the business value and worth of training. In the current era, under the guidance of Dr Jim Kirkpatrick and Wendy Kayser Kirkpatrick, that model for training evaluation has transitioned into the driver of results-focused learning solutions design, development, delivery and evaluation. This New World Kirkpatrick Model is predicated on a clear understanding of the organisation’s desired results, the skill and behaviour changes needed at work to achieve those results, the new knowledge needed to make those changes at work, and of how to best engage learners in that learn>change>improve results value chain. New World Kirkpatrick is about design for results, deliver for results, and evaluate the results achieved.

The Kirkpatrick approach ‘bridges’ learning into new practices at work; connecting the classroom and the workplace and supporting learners to successively apply their new knowledge at work to improve organisation results. Kirkpatrick helps overcome this critical shortcoming of traditional training approaches. It is evidential, capturing information at all stages to both modify for better impact, and to report outcomes to the client organisation. 


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