This is an integrated programme that spans several months and comprises a number of components.

  1. Participants will take part in a series of experiential workshops with a few weeks between each. The workshops include tools and exercises aimed at developing leadership behaviours and management skills. They are supported by diagnostic instruments that provide individual feedback for participants to factor into their learning and development planning.
  2. Participants are supported between workshops by individual coaching to ensure workplace enactment of new leadership behaviours. This can be provided by internal coaches or one of our specialist coaches.
  3. Prior to commencement, participants undergo a 360o review against the operational level behaviours on our Leadership Competencies Framework (or their organisation's framework) to identify their leadership strengths and improvement opportunities.
  4. During each workshop participants will use a Workplace Application Tool to plan the application of new learning back at work. This ensures that they transfer workshop knowledge into workplace practice.
  5. Active support from participants' workplace manager is encouraged. This may take the form of attendance at part of the orientation day and one or more of the coaching sessions so they are able to support their staff member at work to apply new learning and to enact new leadership behaviours.


The following workshop outlines provide information about each of the workshops in the programme:


Day one provides an introduction to the programme and sets the scene in terms of what participants can expect on their journey with us.

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Self Awareness

The aim of this workshop is to provide information, ideas and tools about the attributes of good leaders and to help you plan and monitor your own on-going leadership development.

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Interpersonal Communication

The aim of this workshop is to provide information, ideas and tools about effective communication and to assist you in improving your communication styles to achieve the results you require from your team.

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Managing Teams

The aim of this workshop is to provide you with tools and strategies to better understand the dynamics of working in and with a team. As a result, you will maximise the collective intelligence of the group and harness the synergy of your workplace team.

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Self Management

The aim of this workshop is to provide information, ideas and tools that will help you to achieve excellence in the twin axes of personal productivity.

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Making Good Decisions

The aim of this workshop is to provide information about how the components of revenue, cost, volume and organisation structure combine to affect margin, profit, and cashflows.

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Oral Presentations

Good leaders are typically highly effective oral presenters. The aim of this workshop is to help you to properly prepare for and deliver effective oral presentations for a wide variety of audiences and circumstances.

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Coaching for Performance

The aim of this workshop is to introduce you to coaching ideas, tools and resources to enable you to better coach your team at work.

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Programme Close-out

The programme concludes with a half-day session to celebrate sucess and at which participants will make a brief presentation about their experience of developing and implementing new leadership behaviours at work.

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