Dr Ian Brooks, PhD, 
MBA (Hons),
 MEd (Dist), Cert Counselling


Warren Bennis, noted academic authority on leadership, recently wrote, ‘Our mythology refuses to catch up with us. And so we cling to the myth of the Lone Ranger, the romantic idea that great things are usually accomplished by a larger-than-life individual working alone. Despite the evidence to the contrary we still tend to think of achievement in terms of the Great Man or the Great Woman, instead of the Great Group.’ (Wageman, Nunes, Burruss and Hackman, 2008).

The ability to successfully lead a team of professionals is a highly valued skill. This workshop is designed to provide participantswith the theory and skills to enable you to do just that. It presents many useful concepts related to how teams work effectively. It introduces a practical model for developing a motivated, high performing team, and participants will experience these steps first hand by participating in experiential group activities over the course of the workshop. Participants will also learn how to manage the covert dynamics that exist in all groups, as well as receiving feedback on their personality type and how that influences their team leadership style.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:


Leadership Behaviours

This workshop develops the following leadership behaviours:


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