Dr Lin Roberts, PhD, BSc, BSc (Hons)


This workshop examines the case for creating sustainable organisations, then introduces the skills and tools for leading in a way that meets present needs without compromising the future, either of the organisation or of the community and environment in which it is located and on which it depends.

The workshop uses the internationally tested ‘The Natural Step Framework’ for strategic planning towards sustainability ( This framework, based on whole systems thinking, sound science and best business practice, allows organisations to understand the requirements for long term success on a finite planet, use that understanding to develop a vision for their company that is both inspiring and sustainable, then assess current realities against this vision and design a strategy to fill the gap. This approach of ‘backcasting’ from a sustainable vision unleashes creativity and strategic innovation, allowing identification of market opportunities and solutions that frequently ‘leapfrog’ existing products, technologies, and business solutions.

The tools and approaches considered will include cradle-to-cradle ‘eco-effectiveness’, Natural Capitalism, biomimicry, green chemistry, Streamlined Sustainability Life Cycle Analysis, ISO 14001 Environmental Management systems, carbon and ecological footprinting, carbon neutrality, emissions trading, waste minimisation, sustainability reporting.

There are some features of our socio-economic systems and our social narratives that make unsustainable behaviour, economic boom and bust cycles and growing inequality almost inevitable. We will briefly explore what will be required to redesign our system for sustainability – social, financial and environmental.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:


The Underlying Rules of the Game

The Principles for Sustainable Success in the System

Using the Framework to Secure Organisational Success

Tools and Approaches

The Really Big Challenge

Leadership Behaviours

This workshop develops the following leadership behaviours:


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